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It looks like country music artist Canaan Smith and his stunning wife, Christy are taking advantage of the warm summer days before autumn sets in.

The married couple recently spent time together at Percy Priest Lake in Nashville, and shared photos of their romantic outing on their respective Instagram pages.

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One shot, posted to Canaanโ€™s page on September 7, shows the two lovebirds smiling from ear to ear, while stripped down to their bathing suits.

Christy looks fit and flawless in a little black two-piece swimsuit. She pairs her bikini โ€” that highlights her perfect abs โ€” with a ball cap. Meanwhile, Canaan, who dons a pair of cutoff Levis and a snapback, flexes one of his sexy arm muscles. But he jokes that his wife isnโ€™t overly excited about his ripped body.

You can tell she's not impressed

A post shared by Canaan Smith ๐Ÿ”ˆ (@canaansmith) on

โ€œYou can tell she’s not impressed,โ€ he captions.

That, of course, isn’t true though. In fact, Christy gushed about her lake day with her hubby on her own page.

Lake days make me ๐Ÿ˜Š #peacefuleasyfeeling

A post shared by Christy Smith (@christyhardesty) on

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โ€œLake days make me ๐Ÿ˜Š #peacefuleasyfeeling,โ€ Christy wrote, alongside a photo that shows the pair holding hands amid a gorgeous body of water.

Canaan and Christy celebrated their three-year wedding anniversary on Aug. 30. Itโ€™s so sweet to see that theyโ€™re still over the moon about each other!

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