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We were all doing a double take when we read the news that Faith Hill had a new project in the works. Not that we don’t want to hear new music from Faith, but this particular collaboration seemed a little bizarre to say the least.

On CNN’s Twitter page, they broke the news that Faith Hill would be collaborating with the late rap icon Notorious B.I.G.

Yeah, let that sink in for a second.

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Sure, husband Tim McGraw collaborated with rapper Nelly on “Over and Over” back in 2004, but this just felt a little different.

It’s also a little wrong. If you look at the photo attached to CNN’s tweet, the image is actually of hit urban singer-songwriter Faith EVANS and not Faith HILL! It was just a little goof that anybody could make, and CNN stepped up and took responsibility for the error later in their timeline by issuing a correction.

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But, that wasn’t before a few hundred Twitter users caught it, including Faith Hill herself who simply said, “This sounds awesome!”

The tweet also caught the attention of singer-songwriter Jason Isbell, who offered this hilarious comment:

And while many more were supportive of a project joining Faith and Biggie, it’s unlikely the country music songbird would have time for it at the moment. In addition to her role as a mom and a television producer on an upcoming daytime talk show starring Kellie Pickler, she’ll also soon be hitting the road with her handsome husband on the Soul2Soul: The World Tour.

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