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There is absolutely no question that country artists love all their fans equally. But let’s be honest here, there is no fan more significant than a country star’s mama. So when Chris Stapleton’s mother got the chance to brag on her boy while he appeared on NBC’s “Today” show July 18, she by God took it!

And speaking of God, Mother Stapleton gave Him all the credit for her boy’s voice. When “Today” host Hoda Kotb asked the proud mom, “What was in the secret sauce” that made him so amazing, she replied, “Chris is simply a gift from God.”

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The soft-spoken singer-songwriter humbly dipped his head at the compliment, but we also got a rare glimpse of his bearded sense of humor. When Hoda asked him if he would rather write a hit single or sing a hit song, he laughingly replied “both.”

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Chris also said that he doesn’t have as much time to write songs as he’s had in the past, which is like a dagger in the heart to most of his fans. But that doesn’t mean another album is not on the way soon. “From A Room: Volume 2,” the follow-up to his current “Volume 1” project, is due in the fall.

We can’t wait!

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