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Charlie Daniels will receive country music’s highest honor on Oct. 16 as he is formally inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame at the annual Medallion Ceremony in Nashville. Though he’ll be surrounded by friends, fans and family for the celebration, there are two people in particular he’ll be missing that night — his mom and dad.

Becoming a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame is right up there with becoming a member of the Grand Ole Opry for Charlie. He knows all of these honors would have really been a big deal to his father, especially.

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“It would have floored him,” Charlie tells Rare Country. “My daddy was the biggest country music fan. It was back in the days of AM radio, before they had FM radios in cars. He would listen to a country station. He traveled a lot. He was in the timber business. He would drive in and out and go look at a tract of timber over here. He’d get a country station on, and he’d leave it until all that was going was static. He wouldn’t take it off there until he could find another country music station.”

Charlie’s dad had a real passion for country music that he clearly passed on to his son.

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Charlie adds, “He loved going to the Grand Ole Opry. If he had ever known, if he could have ever been at the Grand Ole Opry when I played there as the Charlie Daniels Band, it would have just flipped him out.”

Sadly, Charlie’s father passed away in the early ’70s before the country star scored hits such as “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” and “Uneasy Rider.” We’re sure Charlie’s mom and dad will have the best seat in the house as their boy joins the Country Music Hall of Fame.

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