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Charlie Daniels and his good friend Randy Travis will both be formally inducted as the newest members of the Country Music Hall of Fame on Oct. 16 at the annual Medallion Ceremony. It’s a day Charlie wasn’t sure Randy would live to see a few years ago. Randy nearly lost his life after suffering a serious stroke and heart attack in 2013.

That health scare left Randy unable to speak or sing, but that didn’t stop Randy from joining Charlie onstage for a brief appearance at the CMA Music Festival this past summer. Needless to say, the crowd went nuts.

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Charlie tells Rare Country, “I know it had to gratify him. People just loved him. You could just feel the love pouring out of the crowd for Randy.”

Charlies adds, “That meant a lot to him, but I felt bad for him when you stop and think about what a great artist this is and how this sickness has robbed him of his mobility and his voice. I pray for Randy every day. What a wonderful miracle it would be for him to come back and sing and praise the Lord on his guitar. I’m sure he would.”

As for the induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame, Charlie says Randy truly deserves it for helping revive traditional country music in the mid-’80s with hits like “Diggin’ Up Bones, “Forever and Ever, Amen” and “I Told You So.”

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Charlie explains, “I’ve noticed over the years when music starts getting in trouble and starts getting a little trite and starts sounding the same — rock ‘n’ roll goes back to the blues, which is their basis, their root. Country goes back to a more traditional sound. Randy was probably as strong an example of that as I can think of.”

Randy truly offered a kind of grounding force to country music that’s hard to come by these days, according to Charlie.

He says, “I wish that Randy Travis could sing again. We need Randy Travis right now. We need some Randy Travises. We need some people to help us get our feet back on the ground.”

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