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Carrie Underwood is a big-time country superstar with big-time hits and a big-time gig hosting the upcoming 50th annual CMA Awards in Nashville.

But on top of all that, she also has some big-time personal decisions to make these days.

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In a new interview with Redbook Magazine, Carrie addressed the question that many fans inevitably start asking around this time of a woman’s life – are you going to have another baby?

“If my husband were at the beginning of his career, I’m not sure we could handle it,” Carrie candidly told the magazine. “Since he’s kind of nearing the end and won’t be traveling so much, we’re like, ‘We can figure it out for not that long.’ You make it work. When I was pregnant, I thought, ‘How am I going to go on the road? How am I going to keep doing my job?’ I had to just give it to God and stop worrying about it. Sure enough, we figured it out.”

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Like most working mothers, Carrie says that all the work it takes to juggle so many responsibilities becomes worth it when you see your little one’s face. But, that doesn’t mean you won’t need to ask for help sometimes.

“Accepting help is hard for me, but I’m learning,” Carrie says in the interview. “Sometimes I feel guilty that this is my son’s life: We live on a bus and we’re in a hotel room and sometimes we’re in the middle of nowhere and it’s not so great. It’s not all glamorous. We have a nanny who helps out, especially when we’re on the road. But I’d feel guilty asking someone to watch him at home while I run to the grocery store.”

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