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March 10, 2017, marks Carrie Underwood’s 34th birthday, and if you ask us, this girl just gets better with age. Her past year has been filled with countless little milestones, from celebrating her son’s second birthday…

to skydiving for the first time…

to finally releasing her much-anticipated duet with fellow country superstar Keith Urban.

#Repost @keithurban ・・・ Keith and @carrieunderwood have an announcement for you…

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Yet, chances are that Carrie looks back at the year that was and doesn’t necessarily pay too much attention to the huge moments, but rather the little moments away from the spotlight of country music stardom. The moments where little Isaiah made her laugh…

Sometimes the most beautiful music isn't music…the best way to start the day! ❤️️😂

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or her friends made her hysterical…

Pigs have proper manners. #gamenight #speakout #friends #fridaynight

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or even when life made her cry.

And while this next year holds all the promise in the world, Carrie has expressed her desire to spend a little more time at home and her hubby’s hockey games, and more time dreaming of what lies ahead in both her life and her career.

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And as far as we are concerned, that sounds like a mighty nice way to spend one’s birthday.

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