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We tell you all the time. Heck, the stars themselves tell you all the time — they’re just regular people who put on their jeans just like we do, they worry about their children just like we do, they go to concerts just like we do and some of them, like Trisha Yearwood, Martina McBride and Little Big Town’s Kimberly Schlapman, cook dinner for their family… just like we do. And, believe it or not, husbands wash their wives’ cars. But for one country star, in particular, it’s a more exceptional moment than the rest of us.

Singer-songwriter Adele had a two-night stint performing in Nashville on Oct. 15-16, and a lot of country stars were sharing comments about being at the show on their socials. But Faith Hill shared something even more interesting about getting ready for the show — a photo of her hunky hubs, Tim McGraw, helping her get ready by way of washing her wheels.

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In a cheeky Facebook post, Faith wrote, “My hubby getting’ my ride ready to go see Adele in Nashville!!!! Yes, baby…scrub those tires.” The photo attached shows Tim squatting down by a tire, soapy scrub brush in hand and bucket in the foreground. The best part? Tim is dressed in shorts. That’s all — just shorts.

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We aren’t sure if Tim was accompanying Faith to the show or if it was girls’ night out, but the photo does pose the question: How difficult was it to leave that handsome, wet hunk at home?

Faith, you are a woman of great fortitude.

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