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Country superstar Blake Shelton once again shocked thousands of fans when he showed up at his girlfriend Gwen Stefani’s concert to sing their duet “Go Ahead and Break My Heart” in Los Angeles on Oct. 15.

But God knows it wasn’t his first time.

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The two have been appearing on each other’s stages over and over again throughout the past year. And each and every time, the two sing their duet and look into each other’s eyes and seem as if they haven’t seen one another in days. “Oh my God, you are so lucky tonight you guys,” Gwen excitingly told the crowd before introducing her beau. “I am so lucky tonight.”

But yes, the Oct. 15 performance looked different.

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Maybe it was the look in Blake’s eyes when he looked at Gwen. Maybe it was that huge smile on his face – a true and authentic smile showing everyone in attendance that the guy is big-time in love. Or maybe it was the way he worded the words to her part, as some sort of protective husband.

Oops, let’s not go too far.

While rumors have been swirling, these two are still just crazy in love as a dating couple. But, there is no doubt that something very special is happening between these two – something that no matter what, no one can deny.

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