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Sometimes life has a way of getting us down, but then the stars align and everything works out better than we could have possibly imagined.

For Blake Shelton’s girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, the world is much brighter today than it was during her difficult divorce to ex-husband and Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale.

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In an interview with “Access Hollywood,” the 47-year-old bombshell reflects on what she calls a “crazy dark” time in her life.

“I know that we all have to go through crazy dark times in our life. There is nobody that’s going to get away with it, and I think that I’ve been so blessed,” Gwen tells “Access Hollywood’s” Liz Hernandez. “There [have] been some hard times, and I can’t be more proud of turning that around and turning to my spiritual side, and trying to figure out what my gift is and how I can turn something bad into something good.”

But these days, the “good” seems to be finding it’s way to Gwen. Along with her budding romance with beau Blake, the star has picked up a new title as global brand ambassador for Revlon’s #ChooseLove campaign. But, that’s not all. Gwen will be returning as a coach to the set of NBC’s “The Voice” in February. But, with all of her upcoming roles, Gwen says that she only does what she’s truly passionate about.

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“I have to genuinely care about it, because otherwise I’m quite a lazy girl,” she said with a laugh. “I promise! I swear! I’m one of those girls that just wants to lay in bed and eat pizza and then eat M & M’s afterward – like a bag! I’m that girl. That’s pretty much like 85 percent of who I am, but if I get passionate about something there’s no stopping me.”

No wonder why Blake loves her so much!

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