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Over the past year, Blake Shelton’s country ways have influenced Gwen Stefani’s personality and style. Sometimes, she’ll go out in full camo, and other times she’ll dress up her sons like cowboys.

But, every now and then the 47-year-old “Make Me Like You” singer does something to remind us that she is still the pop star from California.

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In a new digital exclusive video for “The Voice,” Gwen reveals that she took a tumble while horseback riding. Gwen’s horse, Halo, was given to her by Blake earlier in their relationship, as confirmed by “Entertainment Tonight.”

“I fell off my horse,” she blushingly admitted to one of her mentee’s during rehearsals for the live playoffs on “The Voice.” “It’s like, I’m the Orange County girl that fell off the horse!”

“But, it wasn’t my fault,” Gwen continued. “He just fell. I didn’t know horses just tripped and fell.”

Luckily for Gwen, she didn’t have to go to the hospital, as she only suffered a minor boo-boo on her and And, of course, she fashionably covered up the injury with a camouflage Band-Aid. Despite her new revelation about horses, we can’t help but wonder where Blake was when his lady took a dive. It could’ve been the perfect cowboy saving moment!

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Blake, who was also in a portion of the video, donned a camouflage shirt. So, it’s clear where Gwen got her inspiration for the bandage!

Could these two be any cuter?

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