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A whole new batch of contestants gave it their best shot during another fierce battle round episode of NBC’s “The Voice” on Oct. 17.

All week long Team Blake adviser and singer-songwriter Bette Midler spent time helping Blaine Long and Josh Gallagher fine-tune their vocals before they headed into the musical ring.

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When their time came, the boys stepped out in matching outfits of black pants and leather jackets. Together, they traded lines on Ronnie Milsap’s hit “Stranger in My House.”

Blaine flashed his sunny smile and flaunted his rich, soulful vocals, which earned him some quick reactions from coach Alicia Keys. Josh then strummed along on guitar and belted out a few lyrics with his deep, southern twang.

Needless to say, both talented hopefuls put up a good fight and kept all four coaches fully engaged.

First to comment on the two’s rousing performance was Alicia. She said, “That was great, Blaine. I think that your voice really stood out. Josh, you also have a showmanship that came through really nicely.”

The praise of both singers continued with Miley Cyrus adding, “It was an actual tie. Blaine, you were smiling and involving the crowd. Josh, I think you’ve got put in a perfect position to work with Blake.”

Adam also agreed with his fellow coaches, telling the singers that they were both great. However, having to choose between family man Blaine and athlete-turned-promising country star Josh left Blake crushed.

“This one breaks my heart,” said Blake, “Josh, you pushed yourself way more than I expected vocally. You had a lot of energy, too. And, Blaine doesn’t do covers. This is a new world to him. Because of that, Blaine I think you sell yourself short on what you’re vocally capable of doing. He’s so talented it’s unbelievable.”

After explaining to both competitors that he could only base his decision on what just happened, Blake chose Josh.

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Following the show, Josh took to Twitter to express his excitement. He wrote, “Holy wow! I’m still in this thing! #TeamBlake strong baby! Thank y’all so much for all the love and support. I love yall! #TheVoice”

More contestants will continue to get whittled down when Season 11 of “The Voice” continues on Tuesday, Oct. 18 on NBC.

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