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Blake Shelton has been called a lot of things by a lot of people and pretty soon “pig” will be added to that list.

Angry Birds, the game phenomenon that took over the country in recent years, has inspired an animated feature film, known as “The Angry Birds Movie,” and Blake Shelton is taking part in it in a big way.

Shelton not only writes and performs a new song for the movie, but he also serves as the voice of a pig named Earl. All of these tasks for the upcoming movie proved harder than he thought they would be.

“I can write about myself and my life,” the singer and longtime coach on “The Voice” recently told Entertainment Weekly.  “But I don’t have a whole lot of experience being shot out of a slingshot at pigs.”

When it came time to do the voice-over, the producers had to push Shelton’s delivery in the recording studio.

“They kept saying, ‘More country!’  I felt like I was doing a voice-over for the ‘Dukes of Hazzard.’”

“The Angry Birds Movie” will catapult into theaters on May 20, 2016. It also features “Saturday Night Live” stars and alums Jason Sudeikis, Kate McKinnon, Maya Rudolph and Bill Hader.

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