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Billy Monger had everything going for him. He was a young racer in an old sport and a young man who seemed poised to conquer the British F4 racing series.

But in a second, everything screeched to a halt.

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Billy was racing at Donnington Park when he found himself in the middle of a high-speed crash that resulted in both of his legs having to be amputated. The racing community worldwide is now coming together to support the young man, who has been through a series of operations since the accident.

“He is an outstanding driver and a big part of what we do here,” Steven Hunter, head of Billy’s JHR Developments team, said in a recent interview. “Yesterday we lined everyone up and just took some time to wish him well.”

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Of course, anyone who has seen the crash might have a hard time of getting it out their heads anytime soon.

“We saw the crash and our fears were as low as they could be, but all credit to the medical staff at the track and at the hospital, they have worked miracles,” said Steven. “It has been heart-wrenching but from where we were after the crash to where we are now, everything has been in the right direction since.

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