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If you’re a big country music fan, you probably haven’t found any place in the world as magical as the Grand Ole Opry. So, when a handsome young firefighter named Cody wanted a special location to propose to his girlfriend, Brittany, the Opry was the perfect place.

What he may not have expected is that he and his future bride would have the opportunity to dance on the sacred stage in front of country superstar Brad Paisley.

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Brad, whose hit songs like “We Danced,” “Little Moments” and “Then” seem tailor-made for lovers and weddings, admitted that having a proposal happen in front of him at the Opry was a first, but he didn’t hesitate to offer Cody and Brittany a space on the stage to take their first spin as a newly engaged couple.

Launching into his most recent romantic ballad, “Today,” the lovebirds two-stepped at the side of the stage so no one’s view of Brad was obstructed.

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And speaking of views, Brad decided he’d also like to see what the view was like from the auditorium seats at the Grand Ole Opry. In doing so, he gave some lucky country music fans a close-up photo op.

Decided to see what it's like to sit in the audience AND play the Opry.

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