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Imagine just walking along outside the honky-tonks in downtown Nashville when you run into one of the biggest acts in country music. Sounds like something out of a dream, right? Rascal Flatts turned that dream into a reality for hundreds of fans when we took them right into the heart of Music City’s Lower Broadway.

At first, folks were shocked to see the Flatts’ Gary, Joe Don and Jay just walking down the street. They stopped for selfies and answered a few trivia questions about the band, though some of them were so shocked they could hardly get a word out.

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One couple from Jamaica hadn’t heard of Rascal Flatts just yet, but they knew the guys were famous and wanted a photo with them. Jay DeMarcus had some fun with that couple introducing himself and his bandmates as a new band called No Direction.

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As the walk down Lower Broadway continued, hundreds of fans started surrounding the guys, and Jay jumped into action taking photos of Gary and Joe Don with the fans. Things started going downhill fast toward the end with Joe Don telling us how he felt like “Fancy” pimping himself out for country music in his early days in town. That’s about the time we had to call it a day.

There were plenty of unplanned moments along the way, so just fire up the video and get ready to laugh your head off.

Rascal Flatts is connecting with fans across the country with their latest hit, “Yours if You Want It.” It’s the lead single from the group’s 10th studio album, “Back to Us,” due out May 19. The project also includes a collaboration with Lauren Alaina on the standout track, “Are You Happy Now.”

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