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Frankie Ballard is all smiles in this photo with his new bride, Chrissy.

The couple announced their marriage with dual Instagram posts on March 12. She’s got her hand raised with a look of joy on her face while Frankie just beams into the camera asa as he wears his new wedding band.

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Someday baby, You'll accomp'ny me…and that day is today! 🙏🏽 @oldsmokeysboots has become my wife🌟

A post shared by Frankie Ballard🍀 (@frankieballard) on

The wedding is perfectly timed with Frankie’s latest single, a cover of Bob Seger’s “You’ll Accomp’ny Me.” He even quoted the song in his Insta caption saying, “Someday baby, You’ll accomp’ny me…and that day is today! @oldsmokeyboots has become my wife.”

Chrissy posted the photo on her Insta page, where she also shows off the vintage boots she redesigns and sells online.

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She writes, “My dream just came true. @frankieballard MY HUSBAND!”

A few female fans on Instagram were sad to see Frankie off the market, and some speculated the photo was taken from a new video shoot. Rare Country has confirmed the photo is 100 percent real, and Frankie is now a married man.

Congrats to the beautiful couple! Ain’t love grand?

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