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We know Kyle Busch is bursting with talent out on the track. His wife Samantha is also bursting with talent when it comes to being a businesswoman off the track. But it comes as a surprise that these two also have some major yoga talents … on the beach!

“Thanks babe for being my rock. Or in this case my base for this pose I saw on Instagram and wanted to try, though you wanted to have no part of it,” Samantha wrote on her Instagram page September 5 alongside a pic of the couple showing off some impressive moves on their recent beach vacation. “But you did it anyway because you are sweet like that!”

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Not bad for a NASCAR driver, huh?

Indeed, it looks like these two seldom let fear stop them from just about anything, and that impressive trait has now been passed down to their son Brexton. On September 4, Samantha shared a video, also on her Instagram page, of their little boy doing some zip lining all by himself. “No fear, wonder where he gets that from,” Samantha joked in the caption.

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Kyle is set to show off his daring side once again at his next scheduled NASCAR race on September 9 at Richmond Raceway.

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