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As a father to a toddler, NASCAR superstar Kyle Busch should know by now that nothing good comes from a good ol’ temper tantrum.

Yet, on August 6, Kyle appeared to be having one as he went off on countless fans and a good share of haters after he was knocked out of the race early because of an on-track altercation with fellow driver Brad Keselowski.

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Shortly after exiting his car, Kyle began the Twitter rant that ripped on just about everyone who is seemingly against him. His first target was NBC Sports …

Then, he decided to get into it with some so-called fans.

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And while he might have seemed somewhat cranky on Twitter, an Instagram video shared that same day from his wife Samantha showed Kyle enjoying a little dance party with their little one, seemingly putting the bad day behind him.

Kyle’s next race will take place at Michigan International Speedway on August 13.

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