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Throughout his 25-plus years releasing music and the dozens of award show nominations he has racked up, Tim McGraw has been the prototype for the type of artist that fans can count on.

On the night of Sunday, April 3, McGraw reminded his fans of this when he gave a stirring performance of his latest hit single, “Humble and Kind.”


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According to McGraw, out of the hundreds of songs he has released, “Humble and Kind” may just be his favorite. The song, which was written by Lori McKenna, turned into an ode to McGraw’s children, as he gives them the message that throughout everything in life, they should always act humble and kind.

“I have one daughter who was graduating at the time, I have another daughter graduating now and another daughter going into high school,” McGraw told The Tennessean ahead of the ACM Awards.

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“With everything that’s going on in the world, I think it’s a message that needs to be heard.”

McGraw believes that through the song, he is a messenger to his daughters.

“I feel like I’m a messenger,” McGraw explained.


“And I wanted this performance to represent the world and give you that feeling that we’re all in this together.”

During his Sunday night performance, McGraw sang the heartfelt ballad to an arena filled with people raising their lights high in the air and swaying along with the song.

In an interview with Rare Country prior to the performance, McGraw explained that the message “Humble and Kind” goes much deeper than one would think.

“Everybody goes through dark times. I think getting yourself outside of yourself is the hardest thing. You know, “Humble and Kind” is one of my favorite songs on this new album,” McGraw said. “It teaches all of us a lesson. Certainly, it’s really a love letter to a child, but for all of us, there’s something to be learned in it.”

When asked how he stays “Humble and Kind,” McGraw explained that it is always good to have someone present in your life to balance you out.

“There have been times where I haven’t had as much humility as I’ve needed. Sure enough, as soon as you go through those times, something slaps you upside the head and reminds you you need it. It’s usually my wife!”
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